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The Top 10 Foods That Aid In A Healthy Hair Diet

Clients often ask a question – What food I really must eat to have good hair?

The answer is: Eat a well-balanced diet of protein, fruits, and vegetables will give the body nutrients and minerals to stay healthy.


Healthy Hair Food No. 1: Salmon

Salmon and Mackerel provide omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamin B-12 and iron. Essential omega-3 fatty acids support scalp health. Deficiency can result in a dry scalp and dull hair. Vegetarians may source plant-based omega-3 fats from ground flax seed macadamia nuts and walnuts.

Healthy Hair Food No. 2: Dark Green Vegetables

Spinach, broccoli and Swiss chard, provide vitamins A and C used in sebum production (secreted by hair follicles). Dark green vegetables provide iron and calcium.

Healthy Hair Food N. 3: Beans

Legumes (kidney beans and lentils) provide protein, iron, zinc, and biotin. Biotin deficiencies can result in brittle hair.

Healthy Hair Food No. 4: Nuts

Brazil nuts are a natural source of selenium.  Walnuts contain zinc and alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid that may help hair conditions. Pecans, cashews and almonds also contain zinc.  Zinc deficiency can lead to hair shedding

Healthy Hair Food No. 5: Poultry

Poultry provides the high-quality protein and iron with a high degree of bio-availability.

Weak brittle hair may derive from protein deficiency.

Healthy Hair Food No. 6: Eggs

Eggs are sources of protein, biotin and vitamin B-12 – important beauty nutrients.

Healthy Hair Food No. 7: Whole Grains

Fortified whole-grain breakfast cereals,

containing zinc, iron, and B vitamins are


Healthy Hair Food No. 8: Oysters

Provide zinc — a powerful antioxidant.

In addition to other sources.

e.g. whole grain, nuts, beef and lamb.

Healthy Hair Food No. 9: Low-Fat Dairy Products

Calcium, Whey and Casein are important minerals for hair growth sourced from skimmed milk and yogurt.

Healthy Hair Food No. 10: Carrots

Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A. For healthy hair and beauty, food variety may be the best options.


A balanced diet of lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and fatty fish (salmon) and low-fat dairy products are potential aides to hair.

Crash diets with rapid weight loss can affect the normal hair cycle causing increased shedding within 6-12 weeks. This temporary problem should recover with dietary improvements.

Zinc deficiencies, and any associated hair health, may associate with low-calorie diets, especially young women. Zinc is found in meat, eggs and seafood.

B5 (pantothenic acid) gives hair flexibility,

strength and shine and helps prevent hair loss and greying. Vitamin B6 helps prevent dandruff and can be found in cereals, egg yolk and liver. Vitamin B12 helps prevent the loss of hair and

can be found in fish, eggs, chicken and milk.

Hair is the fastest growing natural tissue in the human body: the average rate of growth is 0.5cm – 1.7cm per month depending on ethnicity. Optimal growth occurs from age 15 – 30 and reduces from age 40 –50. Although men find beard hair grows faster beyond the age of 50 years.  Hair products (shampoos or vitamin supplements) have not been shown to noticeably change this rate. The cycles of growth of each follicle consist of creation followed by self-destruction. During each new cycle the follicle is partially recreated.

For healthy hair and beauty, food variety may be the best option.

Remember hair grows from within “Healthy body, Healthy hair”

-Yolette David

WTS, Certified Trichologist

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