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To have healthy hair, one must begin by having a healthy scalp. It's the universal truth about hair care. But most of the time, we don't give enough attention to the scalp, making it a primary spot for irritating build-up. Hair and styling products, natural oils, sweat, and dust are a few things that block the follicles and cause the hair to look dull, flat, and damaged.


You can also damage your hair if you are using different hair products, trying new hairstyles, and applying chemicals like dyes and Propylene Glycol. The weather also causes the hair to be dry and vulnerable to split ends and breakage.

If these factors persist, it may lead to hair loss. But there are ways to prevent hair damage. One of them is scalp detox or hair detoxification treatment, which many hair experts highly recommend. In a nutshell, scalp detox is a deep cleanse of both the hair and the scalp. The process involves the removal of dead skin cells, natural oils, dirt, and other forms of build-up from the hair roots.

Benefits of Scalp Detoxification

Scalp Detox is suitable for all types of hair, but you should do it at regular intervals of time. Although the treatment is not strong, doing it daily may irritate your scalp. If your hair is oily, or you regularly apply styling products, you can detox once a week. If your hair tends to look dry, it is advisable to have a scalp detox biweekly. If your hair is textured, you can do it once every two or three months. Apart from that, there are benefits of scalp detox.


Thorough Removal of Toxins

Because it involves deep and thorough cleansing, scalp detox removes harmful toxins not only from the scalp but also from your body. It also removes invisible dirt that may affect other areas of your body. Remember, toxins have many side effects, so removing them contributes to good health.

Boosts Hair Growth

When there are too many build-ups on your scalp, hair growth is stunted. With the help of scalp detox, you remove the impurities that clog the pores, allowing the hair to grow nicely. It also boosts hair growth and rejuvenates the scalp.



Getting a scalp detoxification treatment once in a while is helpful whatever your scalp's condition is. Yes, you can use shampoo for cleansing your hair, but it is not enough to get rid of the stubborn dirt clogging the pores and follicles.

For that reason, it is ideal to get a professional service to remove all the build-up from your scalp.

Treats Acne, Dandruff, Scabbing

The presence of acne, dandruff, and scabbing on the scalp may cause hair loss. It is also a clear indication that you need to have a scalp detoxification treatment. The detox removes the root causes of those annoying build-up, resulting in a clean and healthy scalp.


Vitalizes Hair Follicles

The hair follicle is where the hair grows. If you apply too many hair styling products or chemicals on your hair, you can damage the follicles and prevent them from growing back hair. When hair follicles can't produce hair, it may result in hair thinning or baldness. To vitalize or stimulate the hair follicles, detoxing your scalp is recommended.

It removes all the dirt that is clogging the follicles.



Uncover the root cause of your hair loss and regain your confidence in as soon as 90 days.


Book your appointment right away or get in touch with us for more information about any of our customized hair loss treatments.



Yolette David, Certified Trichologist, will conduct an in-depth assessment of your health and lifestyle histories

as well as their present functioning, a microscopic hair, and scalp analysis. a bio survey that will detect your nutritional deficiencies.


Analysis & Treatments 

A PH test, a density test and a derma scope analysis to identify the eight causes of hair loss. I guarantee to uncover the root cause of your hair loss and stabilize your hair in 

90 days.

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