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To illustrate just how significant oxygen is to maintaining or even improving the health of our hair, here is a short list of how it helps:

Image by Filipe de Rodrigues

There are plenty of factors that contribute to having a healthy head of hair. One of the most crucial elements, however, is a sufficient supply of oxygen. However, a lot of us do not get enough oxygen into our systems because of several reasons such as air pollution, insufficient exercise, and poor diets just to name a few. When our cells are deprived of oxygen, our immune systems are compromised and thus, become vulnerable. This lack of oxygen impacts all of our cells, including the hair cells, which then lead to hair loss.

It considerably lessens hair loss

Did you know that our hair is actually the second-fastest growing tissue in the entire body? The cell that is primarily responsible for hair growth is called the dermal papilla and it is considered to be the most vital part of our hair follicle. Dermal papilla cells have to be in direct contact with blood capillaries since this is where fresh hair cells are produced. These cells require a robust amount of oxygen and nutrients from the blood and making sure that they get just that will reduce the chances of hair loss and improve hair growth.

It invigorates damaged hair

As mentioned above, our hair has cells and every single one needs oxygen for it to continue to flourish. It is then, absolutely critical that you make sure that the hair has a consistent and sufficient supply of oxygen so that its cells may be refreshed. Oxygen actually helps the hair, both inside and out, restoring worn-out cells and helping damaged hair get back its old sheen and strength. 

It can help boost the health of treated hair 

Providing our hair with a steady supply of oxygen will help clean and nourish it, thereby producing conditions that can lead to stronger and healthier hair. It sets the table up for our hair to experience a natural rebirth by both stimulating the growth of new hair and reinvigorating hair that has been damaged by treatments such as bleaching, dyes and perms.


It can help clear out dandruff

When it comes to hair problems, dandruff just might be the second-most annoying one next to hair loss. Dandruff may be harmless but it is a chronic condition that happens when our scalp is dry or greasy, which can then lead to the appearance of dead skin, either on your hair or your shoulders. It is an embarrassing condition that can be prevented by making sure that your hair has a sufficient supply of oxygen. This actually helps regulate the secretion of the sebaceous gland, helping our hair be free of dandruff.

Give your hair a fresh lease on life with hair oxygen treatment, which can give your hair the oxygen that it needs to experience a rebirth! The top of the scalp is often the hardest place to keep proper blood circulation because of its distance from the heart, which means hair follicles can get compromised thus leading to poor hair health. But with hair oxygen treatment, your hair cells will get infused with oxygen, providing it with precisely what it needs to regenerate and stimulate natural hair growth.


Uncover the root cause of your hair loss and regain your confidence in as soon as 90 days.


Book your appointment right away or get in touch with us for more information about any of our customized hair loss treatments.



Yolette David, Certified Trichologist, will conduct an in-depth assessment of your health and lifestyle histories

as well as their present functioning, a microscopic hair, and scalp analysis. a bio survey that will detect your nutritional deficiencies.


Analysis & Treatments 

A PH test, a density test and a derma scope analysis to identify the eight causes of hair loss. I guarantee to uncover the root cause of your hair loss and stabilize your hair in 

90 days.

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