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At LIHLCW, our Trichologist will complete an in-depth consultation of your health style and lifestyles, she will ask questions about your nutrition and medical history, and perform a microscopic scalp analysis to examine the type of hair loss. She will explain if the pattern of hair loss will be temporary or permanent. A pH and density test, and a bio compass will also be done.


Our trichologist may recommend some blood tests to help find the problem triggering your hair loss.  If the condition is not within her scope, at LIHLCW, we network with a group of professionals. She will gladly refer you to someone within our network, or to your own General Practitioner. At Long Island Hair Loss Center & Wellness,  we aim to treat all hair and scalp conditions to help restore your confidence.



30 Minute In Office Consultation

Package will include:

  • Microscopic Hair & Scalp Analysis

  • Tensile Strength Analysis

  • Family History Evaluation

  • Medical History

1 Hour In Office Consultation

Package will include:

  • Client Profile

  • Body Compass Testing

  • Microscopic Hair Client Profile

  • In-depth Health & Lifestyle Analysis

  • Family History Evaluation

  • Derma Scope Analysis

  • PH Testing Urine & Saliva

  • Pull Testing

  • Hair & Scalp Analysis

  • Tissue Mineral Analysis

  • Nutrition Evaluations

If you are unable to schedule during office hours, Please Contact Me  
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