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Pictured above, Aquatic Mist process

Example of how treatment can enhance hair 

Finally, a revolutionary hair regrowth treatment that targets your hair’s cuticles for utmost effectiveness! With the Aquatic Mist Customized Treatment for Hair Loss, you can finally regain your head’s crowning glory without undergoing surgery. It’s a specialized treatment that makes use of the latest hair regrowth technology so you can have your head full of hair in no time. 

What does Aquatic Mist Treatment do exactly? Put simply, it is a technologically-advanced pre-treatment care that encourages a deeper and more effective hair loss remedy. 

We can break this down into two simple steps for you. 

Step 1: The microscopic mist opens each cuticle of your hair. This way, your customized hair regrowth treatment can penetrate and work better. 

Step 2: We proceed with your customized treatment that specifically targets your hair 
restoration needs. 


Woman at the Beach

The Benefits of The Aquatic Mist Customized Treatment 

We know that there isn’t a one size fits all solution when it comes to restoring your hair—but we do know that there’s one way to make your hair treatment more effective. Let’s harness the power of water with this powerful, new technology. 

Here are the main benefits that this sophisticated new technology can offer:


Allows deeper penetration of hair treatment
This is no mere topical hair treatment. With the aquatic mist working on a micro-level, your hair cuticles swell up to take in the activated ingredients of your hair treatment. 

Seals in the benefits of your treatment
After the treatment, your hair’s cuticles will eventually close back to their normal size—effectively trapping in the moisturizing, conditioning, and hair regrowing benefits of your treatment. Whether you’ve just gotten an oxygen treatment, ozone treatment, or a laser, you can trust that these will work on a follicular level.

How can the Aquatic Mist Customized Treatment work? 



Uncover the root cause of your hair loss and regain your confidence in as soon as 90 days.


Book your appointment right away or get in touch with us for more information about any of our customized hair loss treatments.



Yolette David, Certified Trichologist, will conduct an in-depth assessment of your health and lifestyle histories

as well as their present functioning, a microscopic hair, and scalp analysis. a bio survey that will detect your nutritional deficiencies.


Analysis & Treatments 

A PH test, a density test and a derma scope analysis to identify the eight causes of hair loss. I guarantee to uncover the root cause of your hair loss and stabilize your hair in 

90 days.

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