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There are many reasons why people experience hair loss. However, hair and skin experts
have identified and recognized eight typical causes, and these are the following:

Genetics or Hereditary

Genetics are probably the number one cause of hair loss, particularly in hair loss for men. But in some cases, hair loss causing genes can skip a few generations. If members of your family have a history of baldness or hair loss, it does not directly imply that you will get the same fate. Although it seems that hereditary hair loss is inevitable, early treatments can prevent it from happening.


Certain medications contain strong chemicals that can cause severe hair loss. One prominent example can be found in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. However, more common drugs such as antibiotics,
antidepressants, and anticoagulants can also cause hair loss.


Stress accompanies many different situations and shows itself in various ways. If you have recently been in stressful situations, one of the ways that your body reacts is by blocking the production of hair. Do not be surprised if you notice that your hair starts shedding. Maybe you just need to time breathe, relax, and seek further hair loss preventative solutions.


Dust, smoke, exposure to pollution, and other forms of environmental toxins are hazardous to your scalp and hair follicles. This can lead to the production of dandruff, which causes itchiness, and an oily scalp. If you live in a polluted
environment, there is a high chance that your hair has been damaged by these pollutants.

Man Wearing Glasses


Cancer, dengue fever, and other severe health problems may lead to hair loss. There are also hair diseases such as alopecia areata or spot baldness affect the hair drastically and cause hair loss.

Unhealthy Diet

Having a poor diet can lead to hair loss. If you eat unhealthy foods, you will not have enough vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that can replenish your body. For
instance, if there is too little protein in your diet, your hair becomes weak and is unable to restore the follicles.


Hormonal Imbalance
This is a common reason for hair loss for women. Hormonal imbalance related hair loss usually occurs during pregnancy, post-pregnancy, and menopause. Hair
loss may also occur if you change your contraceptive pills.

Hair Maintenance

Excessive use of hair products such as certain shampoos and conditioners, gels, dyes, and many other potentially damaging products can lead to hair damage and eventually hair loss. Tight braids, weaves, and extensions can lead to hair loss as well. If possible, use them in moderation and seek restorative measures to improve the health of your hair and scalp.

Before we talk about hair loss, let's have a good understanding of hair growth because hair grows from the bottom of the follicle, and it nourishes by the blood vessel system in the scalp. 

 FACT: Hair growth is predetermined genetically, not by products.


The hair grows in three cycles:  

  • First Cycle Anagen is an active growth cycle; 80% of the hair is in this cycle at one time.  most of the hair last two to six years in this stage

  • Second Cycle Catagen is the transition from Anagen to Telogen, which is a short phase. The hair detached from its blood supply to make its way to the shedding phase, lasting only two or three weeks.

  • Third Cycle Telogen is the resting phase; it happens when the Anagen hair is pushing out the detached hair in the follicle; last only three to four months. So the hair that you see coming on your brush is hair on the Telogen phase, and it is reasonable to shed 60 to 160 hair a day.

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