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Hair Wash

Getting a scalp massage is arguably, one of the best things that you will experience when you have your hair done at the salon. Once your stylist starts gently caressing your scalp in a soothing circular motion all your woes seem to just fade away.

It goes without saying that a scalp massage can help relieve you of stress. However, many are claiming that not only does it do well in helping you relax, it also is beneficial for the health of your hair and scalp. So is this claim true or is it another in a long list of hair myths? Although research is fairly limited, there just might be some truth to this.

And so, how can a scalp massage help you and your hair? Let’s find out:

1) Scalp massages can help improve your mood

Stress basically keeps your body from functioning at optimal levels. But having a scalp massage can bring it back to center as it boosts your body’s production of serotonin — a chemical that helps improve your mood.

Man with Curly Hair

2) Scalp massages can create an ideal environment for hair growth

Scalp massages stimulate blood circulation to the hair follicles. 


Proper and sufficient blood flow to your hair cells can lead to hair growth. Experts say that the health of your hair also relies on the health of your scalp. A flaky scalp has been known to be a crucial factor in serious hair loss. This means that those who suffer from scalp issues like psoriasis, dandruff, and seborrheic dermatitis might not have healthy hair. And so, have your scalp massaged on a consistent basis. Your hair will definitely thank you for it.

3) Scalp massages help increase blood flow to your skin 

Scalp massages help out in increasing the oxygen supply and can then help in lymphatic drainage and in making your skin more supple. You can help optimize the scalp massage by using active ingredients such as menthol and peppermint in scalp masks and toners that can help penetrate your skin deeper. You can also try using rosemary as well as eucalyptus since these can produce a serene environment that can properly stimulate the hair follicles.


Uncover the root cause of your hair loss and regain your confidence in as soon as 90 days.


Book your appointment right away or get in touch with us for more information about any of our customized hair loss treatments.



Yolette David, Certified Trichologist, will conduct an in-depth assessment of your health and lifestyle histories

as well as their present functioning, a microscopic hair, and scalp analysis. a bio survey that will detect your nutritional deficiencies.


Analysis & Treatments 

A PH test, a density test and a derma scope analysis to identify the eight causes of hair loss. I guarantee to uncover the root cause of your hair loss and stabilize your hair in 

90 days.

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