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December Newsletter - Monthly Tips

With the pandemic fatigue and winter saying “hello” we need to do the best for our hair and scalp.

Winter can be very harsh on your hair especially if you’re experiencing hair loss or scalp issues like: scalp dryness, dandruff, psoriasis . If you are experiencing any of these issues, you may want to seek professional advise from a Dermatologist Or Trichologist for a prescription or recommended plan for a solution.

If you have a more general question like “what can I do to prevent dryness?”, Here are some tips that can serve as preventive measures to support a healthy scalp and healthy hair during the upcoming winter months.

Hydration is key and promotes health from within. Did you know a hair follicle contains 25% water? By drinking alkaline of PH water that equates to half of your weight a day. It will promote hair growth, prevent dryness, and other scalp issues like psoriasis, dryness, itchy scalp (i.e. Weight 160 = Drink 80 oz. of water/day)


Over washing your hair will strip the hair of its natural oil. Extend the period between washes from 1 to 3 days or weekly if it’s possible. Choose the right shampoo for your hair type and learn how to read labels. Look for shampoos that are sulfate free, paraben free and/or alcohol free.

Recommendations include: Philip Kingsley extreme shampoo , Affirm Care moisturRight Nourishing Shampoo

if you suffer from flaky scalp or dandruff, apply oil to your scalp for 20 to 30 minutes (an oil treatment) the night before a shampoo. Before washing will deeply moisturize the scalp. You may also use a leave in conditioner with a drop of oil.

Recommended oils: Castor oil or coconut oil.

When dealing with dry hair or flaky scalp, a weekly or biweekly mask would be beneficial for your scalp and hair. It will boost growth, fight scalp infection and add shine to your hair.

Recommended masks: Tricho Solutions scalp stimulation mask, Affirm Care moistuRight hair repair masque and/or Philip Kingsley extreme conditioner

Avoid using too much heat because dry hair is fragile especially during the winter season. Heat styling will amplify the situation. Wear your hair as natural as possible or use low heat, roller setting, and wrap your hair.

Covering your hair in the winter season is crucial to staying warm. It is recommended that you use a hat with silk lining or use a silk scarf under your hat to prevent static electricity than cause breakage.

Avoid excessive brushing, hair spray, tight braids and ponytails. Tie your hair with a silk scarf, sleep on a silk pillow case, or a silk bonnet to avoid friction and manipulation of the follicles.

Contact LIHLCW @ 631-724-4044 or we can assist you with your hair loss concerns.

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