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Managing Your Expectations

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Welcome, 2023!

I don’t know about you but I sometimes feel that we “overdo it” in January.

Let me explain, in our desire to capitalize on the clean slate a new year affords, we often set multiple goals. While our intentions are good, our self-driven efforts to “seize the day” sometimes unknowingly result in our setting ourselves up for failure. These emotions associated with failure are at times internalized.

Did you know emotions, positive or negative, can impact the functioning of your body’s organs? You will feel and see the results if bodily functions are negatively impacted. Any imbalance within the body system will disrupt the hair growth cycle. As disruptions can cause overactive sebaceous glands*, which can result in scalp issues, and/or hair loss.

One common impact of negative emotions that I often see as a Trichologist is hair/scalp issues. The emotions and/or health issues that may result in hair/scalp issues include but are not limited to:

  • disappointment

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • digestion

  • sleep deprivation

  • inflammation

The key to combatting negative emotions/health issues' impact is finding the specific body system that has been affected by the emotion/health issue(s).

Some hair issue symptoms may present as:

  • hair becoming dull, dry

  • hair breakage

  • hair shedding

  • dry or flaky scalp

*If actions are not taken these concerns may lead to hair loss.


I offer the following suggestions to avoid negative emotions taking a toll on your body, specifically your hair.

The Bite-Size Approach

If you are a goal setter, start this year by identifying one or two goals from your list that you will address in January. After you attain those goals move on to the next two and once they are attained, identify your next couple of goals. You should continue in this manner until you make your way through your list. I think you will find breaking goals into “bite-size pieces” makes them easier to accomplish.

Haircare Routine

I encourage you to sustain a regular haircare regime while seeking to attain your goals. You can make an appointment at LIHLCW, where we will assist you to design a protocol that will meet your specific nutrition and haircare needs from the inside out.

Manage Your Expectations

Don’t stress over things that you can’t change or attain.

While these suggestions are simple in nature, I believe you’ll find that if implemented they will be beneficial.

I look forward to serving you in 2023.

For any hair and scalp concerns, feel free to contact us via

email -

phone - 631-742-4044

*sebaceous glands - a small gland in the skin that secretes a lubricating oily matter (sebum) into the hair follicles to lubricate the skin and hair.

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