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October Newsletter

It is officially Fall!! As we bid farewell to Summer, it is time to take steps to renew and restore balance to our hair. Summer fun, frequently comprised of activities completed in warm temperatures, results in excessive water loss and sweating. Summer fun can create many stressors that can leave our hair dry, frizzy, and vulnerable to damage. There are steps that can be taken to restore our hair health. I’d like to discuss one option with you, a “one-two punch” so to speak.

“Punch one” - Detoxification

Detoxification will remove the toxic buildup, that results from exposure to every day elements - dirt, oil, sand, chlorine, from our hair and scalp.

“Punch two” - Replenishment

Replenishment includes the introduction of moisture and nutrients back into our hair and scalp. Detoxification and Replenishment work together to cleanse and nurture your scalp and hair.

Here are some products and services we offer that you can use to compete this “one-two punch”:

Scapcial, available at Long Island Hair Loss Center and Wellness, is the solution that will detoxify and rejuvenate.

Tricho Solutions Scalp Stimulating Mask, by Ottawa Hair loss Center and Wellness, will detox and revive stem cells to encourage hair growth.

British Science Stimulation Scalp Mask, by Dr David Kinsgley, will cleanse, remove debris and support healthy scalp and hair.


Whether you opt to use the products listed above, or others of your choosing, I encourage you to start off the Fall with a clean and healthy scalp and hair.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your hair and scalp health, please feel free to contact us:

office: 631-724-4044


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