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September Newsletter

As we are enjoying the final lazy days of summer, Fall has sent its greeting, “I am on my way !!!”

This change in seasons signals that we too should take steps to prepare our bodies, both internally and externally, for this annual transition.

One step that we can take is to detox. Now you may be saying to yourself, didn’t I say this when Winter transitioned to Spring and Spring transitioned to Summer - - yes, yes I did.

Detoxing is a beneficial way to prep your body for changes in temperature, eating/drinking habits and routines. The start of each new season is a perfect time to detox, exfoliate, deep clean and relax to ensure that our systems are ready for “whatever comes next”.

So let’s discuss this topic a little further, detoxification is the process of removing toxic elements like heavy metals, mold, yeast, fungus, pesticides, preservatives, and other chemicals from the body. This process is naturally performed by our liver (a major “player” in the process), kidneys, hand skin. While this process is performed around the clock, an overload of toxins due to environment factors, medications, alcohol products, pesticide exposures, and stress increase the demands placed upon our liver.

The overload can result in the liver under performing and may lead to illness according to the Center of Disease Control. To remain healthy ultimately these toxins must be removed from our bodies. The manner in which they are removed will vary from individual to individual in accordance with lifestyle, environment, diet, genetics, and overall health.

We can take steps to support our liver by keeping our bodies in homeostasis through intake of proper nutrients, exercise and relaxation.

We can support the liver’s natural detox by:

• Staying hydrated

• Eating five to eight serving of fruits and vegetables a day, including cruciferous vegetables

• Eating fermented food like sauerkraut, kimchi

We can also seek out supplemental detox options including:

Foot detox - A foot detox will reduce pain and inflammation, boost the immune system, improved circulation, relieve stress, support the alleviation of headaches and migraines, and provide overall feelings of relaxations.

Scalp detox - A scalp detox will allow your scalp to breath and will promote hair growth by unclogging your pores of dead skin, and by removing toxins from your hair follicles.

Scalp facial- A scalp facial or “Scalpial” will cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate your scalp . As part of your scalp facial, a scalp lymphatic massage will help to remove waste and toxins from the body tissue. Your scalp and body will be renewed, rejuvenated and relaxed.

For more information on any of the topics discussed above and/or if you wish to participate in a discovery session call LIHLCW 631-724-4044

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