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The Benefits of Watermelon

Did you know

Watermelon is intensely hydrating, and is loaded with vitamin A, B6, and vitamin C, which helps the body to use iron efficiently. Oxygen will ensure the process of circulating these nutrients to your hair cells and follicles, which will promote healthy hair growth.

  • Amino Acid

  • Citrulline helps boost muscle endurance and lower hypertension

  • Lycopene has anti-aging benefits

  • Arginine is essential for blood circulation in the scalp

Watermelon also reduces oxidative stress

The seed oil is very light and helps nourish the hair.

At last, by rubbing the rind of the watermelon on your face, you can regenerate your skin by giving it a youthful appearance. If drinking a glass water is not your favorite, a glass of watermelon juice is equal to 16oz of water and is full of benefits. As dehydration can cause an imbalance within the body system that leads to hair loss.

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Prevention is Better Than Cure

- Yolette David

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