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April Showers Bring May Flowers

April Showers Bring May Flowers, this is an adage associated with this time of year. This message conveys that at this time

of year if “the efforts are undertaken then the benefits will be recognized”. This adage associated with flower growth should be applied to the care of our hair.

Each year at this time the first stage of the work, associated with flower growth, is the preparation of the soil. In terms of care for our hair, preparing the soil means cleaning the sebum, commonly referred to as the scalp.

This cleaning will result in the removal of internal and external toxins. The next stage of flower growth work is the fertilization of the prepared soil. In terms of hair care, fertilization means nourishing the “cleansed” scalp and hair by applying moisture appropriate for your scalp and hair needs.

This step leads to hair that is nourished and strong. The final stage of flower growth work is taking care of the growth, rejuvenation, that has occurred based upon the care that has been provided - performing steps required to support continual growth and the health of what has been planted. In terms of hair care the same holds true, the focus becomes one of working with your hair care professional to support your ongoing hair health.

It is with these thoughts in mind that I say “Spring has Sprung “!!! Let me assist you to seize this time of hair rebirth, revitalization and rejuvenation. Contact LIHLCW @ 631-724-4044 or email us

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