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Bridging the Gap

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Why should you schedule a visit at Long Island Hair Loss Center and Wellness this summer (LIHLCW) and truthfully throughout the year . .

Summer is a time of travel and exploration. Your goal of obtaining and/or maintaining health hair is also a journey. A visit to the #Trichology clinic will allow our certified Trichologist Yolette David to provide you with a hair “road map”, crucial to navigate your hair health.

“Do I need to have hair loss to see the Trichologist”?

The answer is “No”.

Our trichology clinic specializes in preventative treatment #scapcial. Scapcial is a facial for your scalp. You are relaxed with a massage. You are detoxed by undergoing the removal of product build up and toxin sebum. You are then hydrated with an aqua mist leaving your hair primed and ready for growth.

Yolette David, our certified Trichologist, is available to assist you with all types of hair care ranging from #hair loss to scalp maladies to ongoing healthy hair maintenance. In a serene and private atmosphere, Yolette David will explain how hair growth happens. It isn’t from a bottle of oil apply to the scalp. Hair growth happens when a connection is formed between the mouth, gut and the brain. Ms. David, a certified Trichologist, knows that hair growth starts from the inside. She understands that a complete hair care plan involves a balance of internal and external care. Ms. David understands the body’s hair language and can interpret your hair’s language for you.

It is with this knowledge that she will assist you to understand the current state of your hair’s growth or loss. By created an internal homeostasis paired with a specifically designed external topical regime, Yolette David will support your individualized hair journey leading to the eradication of hair loss, restoration of new growth , and/or maintenance your current hair health. Visit us or make an appointment for a free DISCOVERY SESSION.

Yolette David, CWTS

Certified Trichologist

Holistic Health Practitioner 631-724-4044

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