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Happy Mother's Day

Updated: May 6, 2021

May is a month typically reserved to honor Mothers. I want to broaden this concept to womanhood in general. Self-care to be truly beneficial should occur on a regular basis. I challenge you to start this life-long process during the month of May.

“Self care , Self love , First”

The best part about “self-care ,” you don ’t have to leave home. Your house, your backyard can provide you with a setting for relaxing moments. It’s up to you to grab the minutes, own them and use them to navigate your “self-love” journey.

I want to challenge women to start experiencing self-care and self-love on a regular basis starting in your home.

Plan to wake up before everyone, go outside or open a window and breathe deeply. Breathe in, hold it and breathe out as you close your eyes - 5xs. I guarantee you will feel good when you finish this morning minute.

Enjoy a quiet breakfast or lunch by yourself, enjoy every bite and moments of quiet.

Enjoy some video moments - YouTube or Google some moments of relaxation.

Enjoy a morning, afternoon or evening stretch.

Enjoy some soothing music.

Enjoy a sunrise or a sunset.

Once you maximize your home relaxation moments- consider broadening your moments into the community.

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Schedule a massage/reflexology 631-214-6024

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Meet a friend for a walk or lunch

The point is no matter what you do - make a commitment to start participating in regular moments of “Self Care and Self Love”. Happy Mothers Day,

Yolette David, Certified Trichologist Holistic Health Practitioner


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