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June Newsletter


As we prepare to dive into the joy and beauty of summer, we must engage in preventative actions to combat the damage that can be caused by the heat, sun, air conditioner, and recreational water activities.


Examples of actions include:

• Incorporate the use of a good sun block with zinc - minimum SPF of 45 to protect your scalp and skin from the sun.

• Incorporate a weekly at home hair mask to maintain your hair’s condition. The rays of the sun dry the hair. While all hair can be affected, chemically process hair can be particularly impacted when sun exposure is paired with blow drying, flat iron use and/or chlorine water.

• Sleep with a scarf.

• Reduce the use of high heat to prevent hair breakage.

Pre wet your hair before diving into chlorine or sea water.

• Use a microfiber towel to dry your hair.

• Always wash your hair, starting with warm water and finishing with tepid to cold water, after being immersed in chlorine or sea water.

• Work with your hair stylist to engage in regular hair trimming. This hair care step will promote hair growth.

Remember that everyone’s hair type and condition is different.

The above tips are just a few examples of steps you can take to protect your hair while enjoying the warmer months.

If you have specific questions and desire more information, please contact:

LIHLCW at 631-724-4044

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