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March Newsletter

I began the year highlighting a strategy designed to improve your inner self. In February, I discussed the benefits of addressing your outer self. As we are approaching the middle of March, I want to shift back to discussing your inner self.

The main way we fuel our inner self is by our intake of food. Yet sometimes, despite our best efforts we don’t get all of the nutrients our body needs from the foods we eat. One strategy to makeup for this fact is the integration of vitamins into your daily health regimen. This strategy is tried and true and espoused by professionals across all disciplines. So it is with this information in mind, that I encourage you to determine what vitamins your body needs to maximize its functioning and support the attainment of your best self.

Stay tune for tips to support a healthy mind, body,and scalp to start your Spring off right!

If you have any questions regarding your hair and scalp health, feel free to contact us via email or by phone.

(631) 724-4044

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