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The Importance of Sleep

A good night’s sleep is very important. How many times have you heard some version of this statement? Probably more times than you can count on two hands . . . However, this being said, it bears repeating. The benefits of exercise and good eating habits are enhanced by good sleep habits.

Think about sleep in these terms, your body is like a clock. Just like a clock your body progresses through different hours, some of those hours should be allotted for voluntary activity and some of the hours should be allotted for involuntary (not consciously controlled by you) activity.

When you sleep your brain and your hormones work together to promote the internal healing and growth that support your body’s well being. Specifically speaking, your immune system relies upon your sleep to fight harmful substances and/or the negative impacts associated with typically occurring environmental stressors. So you can gather, the lack of sleep can disrupt the hair cycle leading to hair loss.

So what is the “take away message”, if you haven’t already done so make it a goal to “get some sleep”. I guarantee you’ll reap the benefits of increased energy, internal homeostasis and improved health.

Sleep is just one step that can be taken to address hair concerns. If you are experiencing hair loss, let’s work together to determine what in addition to sleep can be done to promote your best hair health.

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